About us

One Love Central Mission

Our efforts have been progressive and this has become Our Mission as there is a massive interest by skaters who risk life and limb by skating in and around car, trucks and the like. We have now taken the initiative of purchasing and designed D-I-Y (DO IT YOURSELF) skate park equipment that is effective, portable and easy to erect. Our aim is to preserve the culture of skateboarding and providing a safe environment for all skaters, young and old.
Our members are experienced and very resourceful and we aim to source all necessary facilities to promote and preserve this active sport eg. Protective gear, Sponsorships, Fundraising events etc... We will also provide coaching sessions and informative workshops/programs to assist all skaters and grow our organization.


One Love Central Vision

The City of Jo-burg, being the largest city in Africa, has no skate park facility in the inner-city. Vehicle traffic is just as you can imagine, drivers always in a hurry and full of rage. This is such a hazard for the inner-city skaters and we always need to be very vigilant.
Skating plays a therapeutic role in our community as it allows the individuals to clear their minds in a recreational manner. Skating is also a very cheap form of transport. So by skating, skaters have the means in which exercise their mind and body. Most tricks require one to vision it in their mind and comprehend the movement before applying it literally. That approach applies in anything else you do in life so if one can conquer it with a skateboard you can conquer any other task that comes your way. So it has become our vision to provide such a opportunity for the youth of Johannesburg to come learn some life skills.